Social Security Maximization & Retirement Pitfalls

What Baby Boomers Need to Know -  NOW  - to Maximize their Income for a Lifetime!


  • When Should I/we apply for benefits?*

  • How can I MAXIMIZE my/our benefits?*

  • What’s the EXACT cost to claim early?

  • What’s the EXACT benefit to delay claiming?

  • Relevant couples claiming case examples.

  • What’s left after the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015  SS changes?

  • Optional Social Security Claiming strategies if Divorced or Widowed? *

  • Long Term Care options for Boomers and older seniors.

  • Money Saving couples options for Long Term Care you never knew existed!

  • How to spot a Long Term Care “look alike” policy you may not want.

  • Reference Handouts and a Social Security Guide Book to take home for all attendees.


*The Social Security Admin. cannot do this for you!

This is an educational class. 

Nothing will be sold or offered at this event.  

Not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration. 

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Past attendee:  "We came to Royce's class in 2013 and two weeks later we had an extra $1,100 a month from Social Security

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