The New Tax Laws

and YOU!

The new tax law, known as the


“Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017",


is the largest and most comprehensive piece of tax legislation to be signed into law in almost 30 years. The new tax law will likely impact all Americans.

•  Personal income tax brackets have changed.
•  Standard deduction amounts have nearly doubled.
•  Key changes were made to child tax credit.
•  Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is being kept.
•  The federal estate tax remains, but exemption amounts have increased.
•  Corporate taxes were reduced substantially.


Who Should Attend?
• Individuals and couples between the ages of 50
and 70.
• Those concerned about taxes, our financial markets &
allocating income in retirement.
• Baby Boomers looking for tax and retirement

planning guidance.


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It is said that 80% of men die married and 80% of women die single!

Women need a plan they know will work in retirement.

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